Count on you

When I think like the world’s gone mad
And I need you so bad
But I don’t know where you are
I cry these tears

On our own, we’ve been so far
We’ve sworn at the moon
And we’ve counted a million stars
My love’s still true 

Friends have come and gone
Some have left me alone
But I’ve stared at these walls before
And they made me blue

All along in my heart I’ve known
There’s one thing in my life
That still rings true
I can count on you

Count on you to be there
No questions in the air
No asking why or when
No looking back
Count on you every time
To ease my worried mind
And you’ll forever be important to me
My miracle find

If I have to choose one place
To spend the rest of my days
Anywhere would do
Long as it’s close to you, woh oh woh

Now, oh now
I’ve traveled so far
Yet I’m right back where you are
Just me and you

Now and forevermore
As the years roll by
I’m beginning to see that I
Can count on you

(Performed by Tommy Shaw)

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