Loving You

They say so many words can describe love.  Thousands. But the only word I can come with is you.

Years have passed. This world moves so hard, so fast, and so noisy.  Days and nights come and go. Things overwhelm me as rains pour from the sky. Overflowing like a river. Throwing me in and out, up and down, and making me lost in the ocean.

They say those many years will wear us down…

But you are still here, with your loving eyes.  You are always there with you loving heart.  Years after years. Your love makes everything so beautiful. So meaningful. So exciting.

Do you realize that you have crafted a new science of love? That one plus one is infinity. You plus me is everything.  Two minus one is empty. Everything minus you is nothing…?

Ahh my sweetheart, this world is so colourful with your presence.  You are a goddess from heaven touching all flowers to bloom, trees and grasses to grow.

When you look at me that way, my face just glows.. When you speak to me that way, my mind just blows.. When you touch me that way, my heart just grows..

Ahh my love…, my darling…, thank you for letting me love you all these years.  Because the only thing that is better than being loved by you is to love you back…

  1. so sweet…..:)

  2. wow, could you teach us how to write that, Sir? 🙂

  3. I believe that everyone has own style to express his/her love. Yours is very impressive.

  4. Andria, tulisan ini orisinal atau copy-paste dari tulisan lain ya ?? 😀
    (*lihat Dipuji Andria *)

  5. super!!

  6. gamma

    The first sentence is superb:)

  7. so sweeet… pak armein banged deh.
    izin re posting di blog saya yah pak….. :”>
    saya bikin referensi nya ke halaman ini…

  8. elpina

    bagus banget pak armein 🙂
    lanjut terus ya pak

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